Marketing & Pricing

In order to get the highest price in the shortest time, you need to know how to market your home. The better you market your home, the more offers you will get. And the more offers you get, the more choices you have to get the price and terms you want.

The most important factor of marketing your home is pricing it right. Your price should be adjusted to reflect the market, and the property's worth. The key is to get many people checking out your property at a fair price instead of having no buyers because your price is set to high.

Another important factor is the condition of your home. Make sure that your home looks ready to be sold. Repair any defects (peeling or faded paint, cracks, stains, etc.) Condition alone can sometimes prompt fast buying decisions. Not only should you repair any defects, but consider upgrading your home by making major repairs and cosmetic improvements before selling. A home in mint condition triggers the emotional response that can lead to a financial response.

Learn how to negotiate the best terms for all parties involved. Terms are another factor which may be adjusted to attract buyers. If you insist on getting your asking price, think of what you can offer to the buyers, for example, improvements you've made, or even offering to pay closing costs. Convince them why they should be paying the price you have set.

Lastly, make sure property is exposed to prospective buyers. List your house with a Realtor that ensures your house is listed in a Multiple Listing Service and on the Internet.

Making the Good First Impression

Throughout the House

  1. Open the draperies, pull up the shades, and let in the sunlight.
  2. Create a positive mood. Turn on all lights, day or night, and install higher wattage light bulbs to show your home brightly.
  3. Remove clutter from each room to visually enlarge them.
  4. If you have a fireplace, highlight in in your decorating.
  5. Keep your home dusted and vacuumed at all times.
  6. Replace the carpet if it does not clean up well.
  7. Have a family "game plan" to get the home in order quickly if necessary.
  8. Air out your home for one-half hour before showings, if possible.
  9. Lightly spray the house with air freshener so that it has a chance to diffuse before the buyer arrives.
  10. Put family photos in storage. Buyer has to be able to see themselves in the home.
  11. Improve traffic flow through every room by removing unnecessary furniture. Have at least 3 feet of walkway available around areas.
  12. Create the feeling of a spacious entry area by using decorative accents and removing unnecessary furniture.
  13. Putty over and paint any nail holes or other mishaps in the walls.
  14. Paint all interior walls a neutral color to brighten the home and make it look bigger.
  15. Repair or replace any loose or damaged wallpaper.
  16. Clean all light bulbs and light fixtures to brighten the home.
  17. Wash all windows inside and out.
  18. Use plants in transitional areas of your home.
  19. Make the most of your attics' potential.
  20. Remove and/or hide excess extension cords and exposed wires.
  21. Open all doors to areas you want potential buyers to see such as walk-in closets, pantries, attics, etc.
  22. Remove all smoke and pet odors.
  23. Repair or replace banisters and handrails.

In the Kitchen

  1. Microwave a small dish of vanilla twenty minutes before a showing place it in an out-of-the-way place.
  2. Highlight an eat-in area in your kitchen with a table set for dinner.
  3. The kitchen and bathrooms should always be spotlessly clean.
  4. Expand your counter space by removing small appliances. Minimum of 2 at the most.

In the Bedrooms

  1. Create a master suite effect in your decorating.
  2. Depersonalize bedrooms and decorate in a neutral scheme.
  3. Make sure that the beds are made and linens clean.
  4. Organize your closets, remove unnecessary items and put them in storage. Keep it minimum and clean.

In the Bathrooms

  1. Do not leave towels around and wipe down the sinks and shower areas after each use.
  2. Re-caulk the tub if not white.
  3. Repair or replace broken tiles in the shower/tub/floor.
  4. Replace shower curtains and keep them clean.
  5. Put out fresh towels and decorative soaps.


  1. Keep the yard mowed and raked at all times.
  2. Use flowering plants to dress up the yard, walkway, and patio.
  3. Remove all toys, bicycles, tools, unsightly patio furniture, and trash from the yard.
  4. Porches, steps, verandas, balconies, patios, and other extensions of the house should be kept uncluttered, swept, and in good condition.
  5. Paint all entrance doors.
  6. Make sure the garage door opens easily. Fix and paint the garage door if necessary.
  7. Clean and shine all hardware and accessories indoors and out (door knobs, knockers, lamps, mail box, address numbers, etc.)
  8. Trees and shrubs should be trimmed and pruned.
  9. Use a new doormat.
  10. Be sure the front doorbell is in good working order.
  11. Be sure the front door and screen door works perfectly.

Room-by-Room Staging